Skokomish Watershed Action Team (SWAT)
#Group-02 #Group-02
Organization Hood Canal Coordinating Council (LE)
Status Active
Schedule Start Date: 5/29/2009 End Date: 1/1/2050
Priority 1
Category Category: Non-Capital Projects
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NEWS!!- Skokomish Watershed Action Plan has been udpated. See additional information section below to download.

Mission Statement: The Skokomish Watershed Action Team will work towards common ecological and economic goals in the Skokomish River watershed through collaborative basin restoration projects.

Principles and Goals

*The group will recognize and support projects throughout the basin.

*We will concentrate our action on Forest Service lands above the floodplain while ensuring collaboration throughout the basin.

*Forest Service employees participate in the group in an ex-officio, informational role.

*The group recognizes and respects the sovereign rights of the Skokomish Tribe.

*The group further recognizes and respects the land management rights and responsibilities of the US Forest Service and other basin landowners; our job is to work within tribal sovereignty and other landowner responsibilities to accomplish common goals.

*We will work to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of the Skokomish watershed recognizing best available science, technology, community values and other means as appropriate.

*The group will seek, coordinate and disseminate information about ongoing restorations projects in the basin.

*The group will examine all appropriate funding mechanisms to accomplish restoration projects.

*We will maintain a broad perspective as to how Skokomish basin projects affect Hood Canal and the Olympic Peninsula, and vice-versa.

*The group will be inclusive of all interested parties; we will identify common ground, using a consensus-based process.

*The group at all times will respect individuals and the interests they represent. No interest group will be penalized if they don't agree on any given decision; no one interest group may veto a project.

*The collaborative group will work with the US Forest Service and other landowners to identify, review, fund and accomplish appropriate restoration projects.

*The group will work with basin landowners to identify appropriate monitoring methods and funding.

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US WA WRIA:16 Skokomish-Dosewallips
Legislative Districts:35
Congressional Districts:6
Puget Sound Process Units:Delta SKO
Steelhead PCH:High
PSP Action Areas:Hood Canal
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Hood Canal Summer-run Chum Salmon - Thre
US WA Counties:Mason
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Not Warranted
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Odd Year Pink Salmon - Not Warranted
Bulltrout Management Unit:Olympic Peninsula
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound Steelhead - Threatened
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound\Strait of Georgia Coho Salmo
Skokomish/Mid-Hood Canal Chinook Wtrshds:Skokomish
Hood Canal Domain 1 Watersheds:Skokomish
USGS Level 5 Hydro Regions:Skokomish River
USGS Level 6 Hydro Regions:Skokomish River
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Species of Concern
US WA Township:T21-0N R4-0W S08
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Threatened
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