South Fork Nooksack Instream Restoration
#05-NIT-RCO1569 #05-NIT-RCO1569
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Completed
Schedule Start Date: 4/1/2006 End Date: 2/1/2008
Priority 1
Category Category: Restoration Projects
Project Photo
This project constructed 3 log jams, 8 bank roughness structures within a 0.6 mile-long reach of the South Fork Nooksack River downstream of Acme around River Mile 6.5; a series of small habitat structures were also placed in the right bank side channel within the reach.  The goal of the project was to address factors limiting South Fork Nooksack early chinook and other salmonids in the lower South Fork Nooksack River, specifically lack of deep pools with complex cover and low habitat diversity.  The project was designed to: 1) increase quantity and quality of pools with cover in an area of known cool water influence, 2) increase habitat complexity and duration of flow in an existing forested side channel, and 3) reduce fine sediment inputs from local bank erosion.  Several factors identified in the South Fork Nooksack River Acme-Confluence Reach Restoration Planning report (NNR 2005) led to project selection, including the presence of cool subsurface water inputs to the river, presence of a disconnected side channel, and the historic occurrence of large logjams at the site. Additionally, the project is located within a high priority reach for restoration, and large wood placement in the lower South Fork was identified in the WRIA01 Salmonid Recovery Plan as a high priority action for recovery of South Fork Nooksack early chinook.
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The goal of the project is to improve instream morphology and habitat in salmon bearing streams.
Total Miles of Instream Habitat Treated Measure: Total Miles Of Instream Habitat Treated
Goal: 0 Miles  Actual: 0 Miles
Miles Stream Treated for Channel Structure Placement
Goal: 0   Actual: 0 
Acres Streambed Treated for Channel Structure Placement
Goal: 0   Actual: 0 
Pools Created
Goal: 0   Actual: 0 
Number of Structures Placed in Channel Measure: Number of structures placed in channel
Goal: 0 Number  Actual: 8 Number
Miles Streambank Stabilized Measure: Miles of Streambank Stabilized
Goal: 0 Miles  Actual: 0 Miles
Project Cost
Proposed Funds $0
Allocated Funds $707,375
Expended Funds $707,375
Balance $0

Congressional Districts:1
US WA WRIA:1 Nooksack
Legislative Districts:42
Puget Sound Process Units:Delta NKS
Steelhead PCH:High
USGS Level 6 Hydro Regions:Lower South Fork Nooksack River
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Not Warranted
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Odd Year Pink Salmon - Not Warranted
Bulltrout Management Unit:Puget Sound
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound Steelhead - Threatened
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound\Strait of Georgia Coho Salmo
PSP Action Areas:San Juan Islands
USGS Level 5 Hydro Regions:South Fork Nooksack River
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Species of Concern
US WA Township:T38-0N R5-0E S31
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Threatened
US WA Counties:Whatcom
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Miles of Streambank Stabilized 00.16 Miles
Number of structures placed in channel 08 Number
Total Miles Of Instream Habitat Treated 00.6 Miles