SF Nooksack Inholding Acquisition & Restoration
#07-WLT-RCO1805 #07-WLT-RCO1805
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Completed
Schedule Start Date: 12/13/2007 End Date: 6/30/2011
Priority 1
Category Category: Acquisition/Restoration (Combination)
Project Photo
South Fork In-holding [Elk Flats] is an acquisition project acquired an 80 acre private residential and recreational in-holding in the heart of the most productive Chinook salmon spawning reach of the South Fork Nooksack River. The sellers removed three mobile homes, 30-40 derelict travel trailers that served as temporary housing for visitors, numerous old or abandoned vehicles and a half century of accumulated tools, equipment, machinery, building supplies and debris prior to closing. After closing, the land trust commissioned the demoltion and removal of the old cabin and several outbuildings.   The project also acquired an additional 40 acre vacant forested property on the left bank of the South Fork of the Nooskack River approximately a half mile downstream of Saxon Bridge. Some grant funds also assisted with the Catalyst acquisiton near Acme [07-1842C], now being restored by Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association.  South Fork In-holding [Elk Flats] and Saxon Riparian project lies within the best remaining Chinook salmon spawning habitat in the South Fork Nooksack. Current fish resources of the project area include an independent population of early timed Chinook salmon, Bull Trout, Coho, Chum, Pink, Sockeye and Steelhead. Chinook, Coho and Sockeye spawn in the South Fork within the project area. The Chinook and Bull Trout populations that utilize the project area are listed as federally threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.
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protect and restore riparian forests along salmon bearing streams Measure: Miles Stream Treated/Protected
Goal: 0 Miles  Actual: 0 Miles Notes: Miles Stream Treated/Protected
protect and restore riparian forests along salmon bearing streams Measure: Miles Streambank Protected
Goal: 0 Miles  Actual: 0 Miles Notes: Miles Streambank Protected by Land or Easement
protect and restore riparian forests along salmon bearing streams
Goal: 0   Actual: 0  Notes: Acres Riparian Acquired
Upland Area Protected
Goal: 0   Actual: 0  Notes: 'Maple Creek Reach Acquisition and Restoration acquired three properties: 1 - A 12 acre tract of land on the North Fork of the Nooksack River with 766 feet of frontage, remove several acres of Scotch broom, and established 5 acres of riparian floodplain forest; and, 2 - A 20.6 acre tract of land on the North Fork, contiguous to the first property, with 700 feet of frontage
Wetland Area Protected
Goal: 0   Actual: 0 
Project Cost
Proposed Funds $0
Allocated Funds $820,174
Expended Funds $820,174
Balance $0

Congressional Districts:1
US WA WRIA:1 Nooksack
Legislative Districts:39
Puget Sound Process Units:Delta NKS
Steelhead PCH:High
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Not Warranted
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Odd Year Pink Salmon - Not Warranted
Bulltrout Management Unit:Puget Sound
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound Steelhead - Threatened
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound\Strait of Georgia Coho Salmo
PSP Action Areas:San Juan Islands
USGS Level 5 Hydro Regions:South Fork Nooksack River
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Species of Concern
US WA Township:T36-0N R6-0E S20
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Threatened
USGS Level 6 Hydro Regions:Upper South Fork Nooksack River
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Acres Of Land, Wetland Or Estuarine Area Conserved By Acquisition Or Lease 80 Acres
Miles Of Streambank Protected By Land or Easement Acquisition 00.5 Miles
Miles Stream Treated/Protected 00.75 Miles
Miles Streambank Protected  00.5 Miles