Lower Canyon Creek Phase 2
#10-WC-RCO1340 #10-WC-RCO1340
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Completed
Schedule Start Date: 5/20/2010 End Date: 12/31/2012
Priority 1
Category Category: Non-Capital Projects
Whatcom County Flood Control Zone District used this grant to work with the Glacier Springs community, stakeholders, and local, state, and tribal agencies to scope alternatives, evaluate feasibility, prepare final designs and begin preparing permits to restore habitat function and better manage flood risk in the lower 0.7 miles of Canyon Creek, North Fork Nooksack River, in eastern Whatcom County.  The scope of work was amended to include acquisition of two parcels (approximately 5.5 acres)l, which where key to the ability to implement the preferred alternative. The owners of the parcels were initially unwilling to sell when first approached.  Over a year's time they reconsidered and a acceptable prices were negotiated and paid for using this grant and local Flood funds; this allowed final design to happen and the restoration project to proceed to planned construction in 2013 and 2014.  

The creek provides critical Nooksack large tributary habitat for the North Fork population of ESA-listed spring Chinook, steelhead, and bull trout and other natural origin salmonids including pink, sockeye, and coho salmon and cutthroat trout.  Lower Canyon Creek was identified as a priority area in the WRIA 1 Salmonid Recovery Plan for fish passage and habitat diversity and complexity. The existing levee constricts the channel and impairs riparian and habitat forming processes. There is also significant flood risk to homes, a state highway, and habitat if the levee were to breach at the point the channel has incised and exposed the structural toe.  Alternatives examined included floodplain and instream habitat structures and three levee setback configurations intended to provide habitat and flood hazard reduction benefits, engineered LWD structures to improve in-channel habitat diversity and complexity while creating stable riparian "nodes", and possible additional actions at RM 0.2 should the summer 2009 project not fully restore fish passage. The preferred alternative is to remove all but 140' of the upstream end of the existing levee and construct a setback structure and 11 ELJ's.  An additional 12 ELJ's may to be built later pending funding.  Detailed assessment indicates that the bedrock reach is passable and a passive approach to long-term passage was chosen.  Project deliverables included construction ready designs and the basis of design report. Permits will be completed under the construction phase (RCO No. 10-1481R). 
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Prepare 80% designs and permits for preferred project alternative.
Goal: 0   Actual: 0 
Floodplain Acres Protected/Acquired
Goal: 0   Actual: 5  Notes: This project includes the acquistion of two parcels (approximately 6 acres), which are key to the ability to implement the preferred alternative.
Miles Streambank Protected by Land or Easement Acquisition
Goal: 0   Actual: 0 
Miles Stream Treated/Protected
Goal: 0   Actual: 0 
Project Cost
Proposed Funds $0
Allocated Funds $250,852
Expended Funds $250,852
Balance $0

Congressional Districts:1
US WA WRIA:1 Nooksack
Legislative Districts:42
USGS Level 6 Hydro Regions:Canyon Creek
Puget Sound Process Units:Delta NKS
Steelhead PCH:Medium
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Not Warranted
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Odd Year Pink Salmon - Not Warranted
Bulltrout Management Unit:Puget Sound
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound Steelhead - Threatened
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound\Strait of Georgia Coho Salmo
PSP Action Areas:San Juan Islands
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Species of Concern
US WA Township:T40-0N R6-0E S35
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Threatened
USGS Level 5 Hydro Regions:Upper North Fork Nooksack River
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