South Fork Cavanaugh Island Restoration
#11-LNR-RCO1450 #11-LNR-RCO1450
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Completed
Schedule Start Date: 5/1/2012 End Date: 6/12/2014
Priority 1
Category Category: Restoration Projects
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Project location is South Fork Nooksack River upstream of Dye's Canyon, between RM 16.6 to 17.0.  Project is to  construct 6 engineered log jams (ELJs) in the mainstem South Fork Nooksack River, consisting of three Type I ELJs, three Type II ELJs, and 10 habitat log structures (2 key pieces). Endangered early spring Chinook salmon and bull trout will benefit from 6 new scour pools; more pools may develop indirectly as increased roughness causes dynamic equilibrium. Scour pools provide thermal refugia (holding pools) from elevated South Fork water temperatures during summer spawning months in addition to pools for juvenile overwintering (rearing pools). All features are focused on enhancement of endangered Spring Chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) habitat by maximizing natural habitat-forming processes inherent in this reach of river. By leveraging these natural habitat-forming processes, structure locations and architecture are designed to meet project objectives. This project addresses the number one known limiting factor for WRIA 1 salmonids: habitat diversity. ELJs, LWD habitat structures, and reinforced wood accumulations will increase the availability of
complex instream habitat while providing deep pool habitat in a reach associated with cool groundwater inputs. 
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Increase available key habitat quantity; Improve habitat conditions for spawning salmon; Increase thermal refugia availability
Goal: 0   Actual: 0  Notes: Instream Structures
Stream treatment for channel reconfiguration and connectivity
Goal: 0 feet  Actual: 0 feet Notes: length of stream with changes to channel morphology
Channel reconfiguration and connectivity
Goal: 0 feet  Actual: 0 feet Notes: create off-channel habitat
Project Cost
Proposed Funds $0
Allocated Funds $546,191
Expended Funds $546,191
Balance $0

Congressional Districts:1
US WA WRIA:1 Nooksack
Legislative Districts:39
Puget Sound Process Units:Delta NKS
Steelhead PCH:High
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Not Warranted
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Odd Year Pink Salmon - Not Warranted
Bulltrout Management Unit:Puget Sound
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound Steelhead - Threatened
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead DPS/ESU:Puget Sound\Strait of Georgia Coho Salmo
PSP Action Areas:San Juan Islands
USGS Level 5 Hydro Regions:South Fork Nooksack River
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Species of Concern
US WA Township:T36-0N R5-0E S02
ESA Listed Salmon/Steelhead Status:Threatened
USGS Level 6 Hydro Regions:Upper South Fork Nooksack River
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