Clear Creek RM 2.9 Acquisition and Levee
#10-Clear Creek -15 #10-Clear Creek -15
Organization Pierce County (LE)
Status Application
Start Date 1/1/2014
End Date 1/1/2024
Category Not assigned
Requested $8,000,000 Received $0
Funding Source Department of Ecology
The overarching project will be to acquire property for the future construction of a new 13,600' levee along Clear Creek and remove flood gate at the confluence of the Puyallup River and Clear Creek, between the lower Clear Creek and the lower Puyallup River. Reconnect up to 500 acres of floodplain in the only tidal influenced juvenile salmon habitat area in the lower Puyallup.
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Allocated to Project(s) $8,000,000
Project Expended $0
Amount Remaining $0
Project Funded Amount Other Funding Project Total
Clear Creek Floodplain Acquisition and Reconnection Project $8,000,000 $15,108,338 $23,108,338
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