Acme to Saxon Reach Assessment
#00-1795 #00-1795
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Closed
Start Date 3/1/2001
End Date 9/1/2004
Category Not assigned
Requested $82,860 Received $82,860
Funding Source SRFB - Salmon Recovery Funding Board
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PRISM Project Type Planning
PRISM Primary Sponsor Lummi Nation
The Saxon to Acme reach assessment will provide the baseline level of habitat, geomorphic and hydrologic data needed to begin riparian, off-channel and in-stream restoration project design. The assessment should also provide the baseline data necessary for beginning a monitoring plan on the projects designed. This assessment can be seen as a key component in an overall restoration project planning strategy. It will incorporate an initial inventory and analysis of habitat, consistent with the on-going Salmon Recovery Plan. Based on the results of the inventory and assessment, sites for restoration activities will be identified. This will make it more likely that projects will interact positively and further restoration goals; rather than conflict with each other. It will allow the strategic timing and implementation of restoration projects throughout the reach. The Saxon-to-Acme Reach is located between River Mile 8.5 and 13 on the South Fork Nooksack River. This reach has been a focus of land acquisition and conservation efforts by Whatcom County and the Whatcom Land Trust resulting in 782 acres of parks and conservation easements.
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Allocated to Project(s) $82,860
Project Expended $(82,860)
Amount Remaining $0
Project Funded Amount Other Funding Project Total
Acme to Saxon Reach Assessment $82,860 $20,715 $103,575
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