Focus on the North Fork: Side Channels
#05-1450 #05-1450
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Closed
Start Date 1/30/2006
End Date 5/31/2010
Category Not assigned
Requested $400,986.36 Received $400,986.36
Funding Source SRFB - Salmon Recovery Funding Board
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PRISM Project Type Acquisition & Restoration
PRISM Primary Sponsor Whatcom Land Trust
The Whatcom Land Trust will use this grant to acquire 42.35 acres of river frontage and side channel habitat on the north fork of the Nooksack River -- a 17.35-acre tract with 1,300 feet of river frontage, side channels and small islands, and a 25-acre parcel on Bell Creek and the north fork with 1,800 feet of frontage, forested side channels and islands. The land trust will restore 34 acres of habitat on the two tracts and on a previously acquired 78-acre Maple Creek site. The Lummi Natural Resources will complete a preliminary design of restoration opportunities on the three properties. The restoration project will address channel stability, habitat diversity and reduction of sediment, all factors limiting Chinook salmon populations along this reach of the river by re-establishing streamside forests and possibly placing large woody debris in the river. The land trust will contribute $70,220 in donated labor and property interest.
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Allocated to Project(s) $400,986
Project Expended $0
Amount Remaining $400,986
Project Funded Amount Other Funding Project Total
Focus on the North Fork: Side Channels $400,986 $71,259 $472,245
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