Nooksack Forks & Tributaries Riparian Restoration
#10-NSEA-RCO1842A #10-NSEA-RCO1842A
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Closed
Start Date 10/7/2010
End Date 12/31/2013
Category Not assigned
Requested $192,450 Received $192,450
Funding Source Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration
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PRISM Project Type Restoration
PRISM Primary Sponsor Nooksack Salmon Enhance Assn
The Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association implemented 17 riparian planting projects, totaling 61 acres, in priority reaches of the North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork Nooksack River and tributaries. The project sites included stream and river banks, channel islands and floodplains degraded by past agricultural and forestry land use practices. The primary objective of this project is to restore natural riparian processes critical for improving and maintaining salmonid habitat. These riparian plantings will benefit all salmonid species in the Nooksack River, with an emphasis on Chinook. Riparian plantings are identified as a high priority restoration action in the 2007 WRIA 1 Salmonid Recovery Plan.
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Allocated to Project(s) $192,450
Project Expended $(192,450)
Amount Remaining $0
Project Funded Amount Other Funding Project Total
Nooksack Forks & Tributaries Riparian Restoration $192,450 $38,182 $230,632
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