South Fork Nooksack at Sygitowicz ELJ Construction
#10-NIT-RCO1442 #10-NIT-RCO1442
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Closed
Start Date 5/20/2010
End Date 11/30/2011
Category Not assigned
Requested $188,824 Received $107,872.67
Funding Source Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration
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PRISM Project Type Restoration
PRISM Primary Sponsor Nooksack Indian Tribe
The South Fork Nooksack (SFN) early Chinook population is considered essential for ESU recovery, but abundances are critically low and immediate action is necessary to ensure population persistence. A recent reach assessment and restoration planning effort identified limiting factors and causes of habitat degradation and recommended specific restoration strategies and locations. This project restored habitat in a reach that scored 3rd highest among 18 reaches in the South Fork in terms of restoration potential; projects in the other two reaches are already underway. Specifically, this project constructed 7 engineered log jams, stabilized one existing log jam, and removed about 250 feet of riprap in the South Fork Nooksack River near Sygitowicz Creek (RM 3.85-4.0) in order to: (1) Increase habitat diversity (i.e. increase quantity of complex wood cover in low-flow and high-flow channels, increase habitat unit diversity); (2) increase key habitat quantity (increase number and depth of pools for holding and rearing, number of pool tailouts for spawning); and (3) increase availability of summer temperature refugia by encouraging formation of deep, thermally-stratified pools in groundwater discharge and tributary confluence areas. The project was also designed to not significantly increase flood risk to adjacent landowners. The design phase of the project was funded in the 2009 SRFB/PSAR grant cycle (09-1684).
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Allocated to Project(s) $107,873
Project Expended $0
Amount Remaining $107,873
Project Funded Amount Other Funding Project Total
South Fork Nooksack at Sygitowicz ELJ Construction $107,873 $38,941 $146,814
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