Lone Tree Side Channel
#07-NIT-RCO1802 #07-NIT-RCO1802
Organization WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery Board (LE)
Status Closed
Start Date 12/13/2007
End Date 12/31/2009
Category Not assigned
Requested $311,696 Received $311,696.48
Funding Source Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration
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PRISM Project Type Restoration
PRISM Primary Sponsor Nooksack Indian Tribe
The Lone Tree Side Channel project designed and constructed six engineered logjams on the right bank floodplain of the North Fork Nooksack River at RM 53 to encourage flow into 1.1 km of disconnected side channel to increase stable spawning habitat and to assure the continued growth and maturity of an incipient channel island. North Fork/Middle Fork (NF/MF) Nooksack early chinook comprise an independent population in the Puget Sound Chinook ESU, and its recovery is considered critical to recovery of the ESU. The WRIA 1 Salmonid Recovery Plan identified the lower North Fork reach as the highest habitat restoration priority and channel instability as the highest priority limiting factor for NF/MF Nooksack early chinook. A recent assessment of North Fork habitat demonstrated that channel islands, and the side channels associated with them, have been disappearing from the North Fork over the past two decades, and that these areas often provide the best spawning and rearing habitat for chinook. Encouraging the natural formation of protected side channels is expected to boost egg-to-fry survival, and the growth of channel islands is expected to reset a natural process of logjam formation that has been interrupted by past land use practices. The project will take advantage of natural processes to encourage vegetation establishment and growth, resulting in more protected stable side channel habitat where formerly there were only actively-shifting braids.
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Allocated to Project(s) $311,696
Project Expended $(311,696)
Amount Remaining $0
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Lone Tree Side Channel $311,696 $62,313 $374,009
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